Online Visibility is much more than just SEO

This video is first video in my serious of videos on Online Visibility Factors for 2014.

You can see more of my videos on my youtube channel Social Visibility Online


If you want your business to be found online you need to think in terms of online visibility and not Search Engine Optimisaton commonly called SEO. I am going to explain why and how online visibility includes other considerations even more important today than SEO.

In the past the focus was on being found in search engines like Google. Google was the most popular online destination and high ranking in google could have a huge affect on a busines

It’s still important to be found on Google and other search engines,

but the internet has changed and there is a lot more to consider. In fact search engines are not as important as they once were

Social networks are now the most popular online designation. Many people do not even use search engines to find and discover stuff online. Even the distinction between search engine and social network is no longer that clear

Google have become a social network, while Facebook, and other social networks, continue to expand their search capabilities

A business that focuses their internet strategy solely on SEO is missing out and will struggle to achieve good search engine rankings anyway because the entire internet is now socially integrated. Social is a major factor in SEO

Online visibility encompasses even more than just found on search engines and social networks. Today the internet has gone mobile.

In 2013 around 40 % of all online browsing is done using a mobile device online visibility also means making sure that visitors to your website can view and read the website easily when using a mobile device.

Your website needs a responsive design. Website that are not responsive can be hard to read and navigate. Currently 80% of Australian business websites are not responsive. Right now people are generally accepting the need to zoom in and out and scroll across when mobile browsing, but this is going to change sooner than you think and you need to be ready

If you want to turn visitors into customer then you want your visitor to have the best possible experience when visiting your website. You can see now why online visibility needs to be the focus of your internet strategy.

Responsive design – your website needs to works on all devices and screen sizes

Socially enabled – you need to integrate social media into your website because this is where your potential customers are

Inclusion of Video – people don’t like to read anymore video is the most popular media format on the internet

Dynamic presence – you need to regular update your online presence and communicate with your visitors

Social Engagement – you need to build social authority though engagement to increase your online visibility

Search Engine Optimisaton (SEO) – On page SEO is more important than ever

This means having quality content and ensuring that the search engines spiders and bots, the automated programs they are sent out to read your site, are clearly told what your site is about and how you would like them to index it.

Much of the old school SEO that was done in the past based on back link building no longer works and can actually damage your rankings.


The best advice is to attend to the things i have already mentioned

Responsive Design
Social integration
producing videos
regular updates
social engagement

This will dramatically increase your online visibility including your page ranking on Search Engines.

Social Visibility Online provides a Fully managed website and Social Media management packages which that provide of these features. To find out more about how they can help your business achieve greater online visibility give us a call or leave message.


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